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What Is Big Data Engineer? Things You Should Know Before Becoming Data Engineer In 2022

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Introduction To Big Data Engineer

In this article you will know what is BIG DATA and how to become a BIG DATA ENGINEER?Before understanding Big Data, you need to recognize the facts. Data is facts, this is in standard facts Is information which may be in any shape in case you read the newspaper,books magazine, that is additionally data that is written on papers. And if we communicate about this information in virtual shape , then it is prepared and processed with the aid of using the computer i.e. an activity completed in Digitally, a fact which you send, like an email, picture, video, those additional data. You can take this submit as an example of data itself.

What Is Big Data Engineer ? ( Definition of Big Data )

Big Data meaning consists of a very huge shape of records. Which is the aggregate form of various small datas, in which we get big data due to continuous growth. It is found in different formats which cannot be handled by traditional Big Data tools and applications. Due to continuous increase in the size of this data, we need new technologies to handle it, that is Big Data is a very large form of data.

Production Of Big Data

2.5 Quintillion Bytes data is generated per day. Social media platform actually have a huge and critical contribution withinside the manufacturing of Big Data, in addition all of the tour businesses, hospitalities of the arena collectively produce many petabytes of statistics each day, although this data isn’t important to common person, however this statistics is of excellent significance to companies, new businesses and technical groups of public. Big organizations collect this Big Data from  various sources for their use, give information out of it and promote their business. Basically, production of Big Data comes from two sources: Machine and Humans.

Machine Made Data : This is the data which is generated by machines like computers and others, example computer logs and application logs.

Man Made Data : This data is produced by humans, we use different social platforms for sharing images, texts, video, voice mail, email etc through facebook, instagram, twitter, gmail etc. these all information are called data.


The records of Big Data are very old, initially Big Data became utilized in 1663, this was the duration when Bubonic Plague unfold in Europe and John Gruant began doing research on it, on this connection John Graunt confronted a big quantity of information. At the time of 1880 it became visible as a huge problem to address Big Data, at that point the US Census Bureau introduced that it might take eight year to address and process the accumulated data. In 1881 someone from Hermann Hollerith Buero found a machine named “Hollerith Tabulating” invented .This gadget substantially simplified the task of census.


Data is infinite and data is found in many formats but for better understanding we can say that data is basically divided into three categories. Structured, Un-Structured, Semi-Structured.


Any information that can be stored, accessed and processed in a fixed layout is known as Structured Data. Structured Data is appropriate to work with. Over time,In this contemporary world in which computer science has advanced new techniques for strolling with such information . Structured Data includes certain fields that suggest particular data, like names, phone numbers, spreadsheets which have columns and rows to keep information in a scientific manner for future access and uses. The records that are stored in RDBMS(relational database management system) are also structured data. Take a simple example of structured data, of mobile numbers and names recorded.


















Un – Structured data is the data in which the information stored is not regular or There is no such preset format. It has many documents which are abnormal which have blended varieties of statistics like, textual content documents, motion pictures documents, snap shots documents, audio documents, facts of telecommunication, social media documents. So it turns out to be difficult to access this un- structured information and take more time to process this information. 

SEMI – STRUCTURED DATA Simply put, Semi – Structured data is the type of data that is neither fully structured nor unstructured,Semi-structured data lies someplace among the two. It isn’t always prepared in a complicated way that makes state-of-the-art access and evaluation possible; however, it could have information related to it, which includes metadata tagging, that permits factors contained to be addressed. 


A Word file is normally taken into consideration to be unstructured information. However, you may upload metadata tags withinside the shape of key phrases and different metadata that constitute the file content material and make it simpler for that file to be discovered while human beings look for the ones terms — the information is now semi-structured . Semi- Structured data isn’t in the shape of Relational Database however some of the organizational properties are there that facilitates in evaluation work and a few instances it may be saved in relational databases. 

What Are The Uses Of BIG DATA?

In today’s Digital world, nearly all large groups and companies are using Big Data to increase their commercial enterprise. These companies use this Big Data to recognize and apprehend the developments taking place withinside the market, likes and dislikes of the users, to develop the business and attain the desired clients via advertisements, in addition to the problems faced with the aid of using the business, via ups and downs and challenges. 

Uses of Big Data in different fields

Media & Entertainment, Finance, Health Care, Agriculture etc.

We all understand what large information is and all about Big Data now we can visit and apprehend Big Data Engineers.

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3 V’s of BIG DATA

There are 3 very important specialties of Big Data called 3 V’s of Big Data.

These 3 are-

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Value


Volume is outlined as the amount of Big Data. The Volume of Big Data is the quantity of data it contains. This is major and most important to Big Data because extent is the identifying factor of Big Data. Big Data Is very big statistics and this can be simplest described by its extent.


Velocity is simply defined as  speed here the velocity of data is how fast or how much data is produced in a single time. It is very important to understand the velocity of data to an organization to deliver the business decisions according to the velocity of data.


The third very important speciality of Big Data is, Big Data is very huge so it is becoming too important that this data should have value in it. If there is no informative or useful content in this Big Data there will be no use for any company, the biggest responsibility of Big Data Engineers to obtain and  frame valued data from their colletions of unstructured dataset.

How To Become Big Data Engineer Big Data Engineer after 12 Big Data Engineer certification Big Data Engineer job Big Data Engineer salary


Want to become a Big Data Engineer? then this place is perfect for you simplifying skills providing you a great opportunity to become a Big Data Engineer, want to know how? Get registered at a simplifying skills fellowship program and enhance your skills to become a certified “Big Data Engineer” .

Skills Of Big Data Engineer

Programming: A big Data Engineer is a person who has an awesome knowledge of any major programming language like Java, python, C++. 

Database and SQL: A Big Data Engineer ought to have the right knowledge of DBMS. This will assist to recognize a way to control and hold statistics in a database management system.Generally used database management systems are MtSL, SQL and Oracle.

ELT and Data Warehousing: A Big Data Engineer must recognise how to construct and use a data warehouse due to the fact as a single data engineer you need to gather the statistics from diverse sources. The equipment used in this manner, Pentaho, Talend, IBM Data Stage etc. 

Operating System: Big Data Engineers should have knowledge of Operating Systems, to recognize this it’s far required to recognise approximately Linus, Unix, Windows etc. 

Apache Spark: As a Data engineer you need to paint with and hold huge amounts of data so that you want an analytics engine like Spark which may be used for each batch and real time processing. Spark can manage the live streaming from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Hadoop Tools and Framework: You ought to have experience in Hadoop based analytics. Hadoop is one of the maximum used Big Data engineering equipment, so it’s far important which you ought to have revel in with Apache Hadoop primarily based totally technologies like HDFS, MapReduce, Apache Pig, Hive and Apache HBase. 

Data Mining and Modeling: Big Data Engineers should have experience in statistics wrangling, statistics mining and statistics modeling.


To become Big Data Engineer Courses of Data Engineer are listed below-

  • M.Sc Data Engineering and Big Data
  • M.Sc Data Science and Data Analytics
  • M.Sc Data Analytics and Information Systems
  • M.Sc Big Data Technologies
  • M.Sc Big Data Analytics
  • B.Tech Big Data Analytics
  • B.Tech Data Analytics 
  • Ph.D. in Computational and Data-Enabled Sciences
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science
  • Ph.D. in Data Science and Engineering etc.

Career And Salary In Big Data Engineering ?

After completion of Big Data Engineering study, Different fields offer you many job placements. Let’s have a look at some important job profiles and salaries.

  • Data Scientist Average Package would be 10-12 LPA.
  • Big Data Engineer Average Package would be 7-8 LPA.
  • Machine Learning Scientist Average Package would be 5-7 LPA.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst Average Package would be 7-10 LPA.
  • Data Architect Average Package would be 20-25 LPA.
  • Data & Analytics Manager Average Package would be 17-20 LPA.

NOTE: Job profiles and their average salary as per

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Data is a larger form of unstructured data that is generated by both humans and machines. Big Data is very big in size due to continuous addition of data in it through many sources. We can understand by taking an example of Instagram producing huge data on a daily basis, this data will be considered as Big Data.

To build a strong server system.Construct highly stable structures for data processing.The processing of ELT enhances the excellence of data.Big Data Engineer is to collect the information from different sources and mine that data to create an efficient business model.Responsibility of a Big Data Engineer is to design and implement a software system.

To become a Big Data Engineer the knowledge of Database and SQL, ELT and Data Warehousing,Operating System,Apache Spark,Data Mining and Modeling,Hadoop Tools and Framework are required. For bref detail please read the SKILLS OF BIG DATA ENGINEER section.

DBMS is Database management system is a Database Software, which allows users and programmers to access data, Storation , Updation of data and provides the proper way of Data Management.

SQL is a programming language the intention of SQL is To store, control and question facts in Relational Database.

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