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Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.

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Challenge is Employability

  • Each year, India as a country produces the second largest number of engineering graduates in the world. At one time, there were only a handful of engineering institutes but now the number of institutes set up for various disciplines year on year indicates an engineering education boom in India. Engineering colleges in the country have been growing at 20 per cent a year. Further the quality of engineering education is also getting a boost.
  • The paradox is that, despite the increase in the number of colleges, the competition for acquiring fresh talent every year is so heated that it gives an impression that resources are really scarce. In reality, there is a plethora of career options for engineers of current years. The challenge is not the supply of talent but that of talent that meets the need of the corporate world. In other words, the challenge is that of employability! It is not about having a good curriculum or good faculty. What then is the employability enigma? We conducted a survey of all the stakeholders on the employability front to understand the mystery. The results indicate that if the students augment their skills in a few specific areas desired by the industry, employability in the country can be significantly enhanced.
  • Employability Exam is one of our quantum innovation projects. Quantum innovation starts with figuring out where you want to be. It is about our aspirations and Mastermind Challenge is one of our aspiration projects. It aims at promoting systemic changes to current teaching-learning paradigms in engineering education in collaboration with the academia.

Addressing the issue of Employability through innovation

Simplifying Skills Employability Exam was launched to address the challenges of employability in engineering education. The key task was to develop a sustainable model to enhance the quality of engineering education in India .It  is a dynamic initiative aiming to improve employability of young Indian engineers. It is helping to move India forward towards global competitiveness by enhancing the quality of human capital in the country. Since its launch, Simplifying Skills has achieved tremendous recognition and momentum within the field of engineering education. The initiative has now spread to number of engineering colleges across country and benefiting number of students.

We brain-stormed!

We spoke to our corporate clients!

We discussed!

We welcomed FEEDBACKS!

The outcome

we innovated once again!

& Curated something Exceptionally Excellent! Something that, INDIA hasn't witnessed before! 

Simplifying Skills Employability Exam

An exclusive Quadripartite (4 in 1) program.

Job Placement

Internship opportunities

Knowledge Travel Program

Sponsored training opportunities

What are knowledge travel programs?

These are knowledge trips to different countries where students will get to have experience different culture and educational backgrounds.

Exposure Program






Get Placed in Top Companies at High Paying Jobs

It is not curriculum or degree that can help you get placed and grow. But if you are one of  those individuals who believe in getting results along with skills and hardwork then we have got you covered.

After participating in mastermind challenge and qualifying the same you will  join the elite club of students which are only 23% of the lot.

what would be the process?

Free training of 40 hours worth rupees 25 thousand at no extra cost.

All students participating in Mastermind challenge would be eligible, Even if students clear the cut off or not this is a free complimentary training for all the participants on Simplifying skills behalf.

frequently asked questions (faq's )

The exam duration will be 90 minutes comprising of 100 questions spread across Aptitude, Reasoning and
Verbal ability.

Wherein 35 qustions will be of aptitude, 35 questions of reasoning and 30 Questions of verbal ability

The exam will be conducted between November,2021 and February,2022

No, Students only must participate and qualify for merit list in Mastermind challenge. There are not any
other hidden costs apart from exam fees.

Yes there is one time participation fee for the competition which is INR 990 Plus GST.

It will be both online and offline.

Aptitude-Profit, Loss and Discount,LCM and HCF,Speed, Time and Distance,Percentages,Time and
Work,Ratio and Proportion,Averages,Quadratic Equations & Linear Equations,Complex
Numbers,Simple and Compound Interest, Logarithm,Sequences and
Series,Inequalities,Probability,Surds and Indices,Set Theory & Function, Permutation and
Combination,Mixtures and Alligations,Trigonometry,Coordinate Geometry,Geometry,Mensuration

Reasoning-Caselets,Bar Graphs,Line Charts,Column Graphs,Venn Diagrams,Pie Chart,Other Basic Reasoning
Questions,Calendars,Number and Letter Series,Clocks,Venn Diagrams,Cubes,Seating Arrangement,Binary
Logic,Logical Matching,Logical Sequence,Syllogism,Logical Connectives,Blood Relations

Verbal Ability- Vocabulary Based (Synonyms/ Antonyms),Fill in the blanks,Sentence Correction,Cloze
Passage,Jumbled Paragraph,Meaning-Usage Match,Analogies or Reverse Analogies,Summary
Questions,Verbal Reasoning,Facts-Inferences-Judgments,Reading Comprehension


Offer price 1440/- 990+gst

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