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How to get a job offer?

Done with Engineering? No placements or job offers? What do you think now in these difficult times, How to get a job offer?

Let me guess, out of 1.5 million engineers, 99.99% must be thinking like below 2 engineers

  • I think doing a course will be helpful, this crisis time will also pass and meanwhile I will have the industry-ready skills.
  • Maybe we can go for higher education. Why not prepare for an MBA or maybe MTECH or maybe MS.
  • If nothing works out, we have the last option to prepare for Govt. exams.
  • Best of the lot, some online courses are so cheap and offer certificates from top institutes like IIM and IIT and corporations like IBM and Microsoft.

Right, so these are the things which you guys are thinking, OK not bad, this is what you have learned and seen over the years. This is the same mindset and thought process that your seniors had and what was developed over 4 years in college. I have done a little research on all these options. We will take every option 1 by 1 and see the feasibility and success ratio of each.

Few facts to start with

  • India produces 1.5 million i.e. 15 lac engineers every year.
  • 2 lac students get jobs every year (I am assuming all sectors, all branches across India) so we can conclude here that 13 lac are added to the unemployment list of engineers every year.
  • 90% of the placed students get placed on campus and off-campus company drives. Out of 15 lac, every single student tries their level best and every possible means to get a good, in fact, a great start to their career.

What do you think? What do they do?

The option of doing training in various courses across different places like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc in 1000’s training institutes is one of them. When you go out every institute is offering you 100% placement. Let me be specific about this sentence: it says 100% placement assistance.

Does this mean everyone gets their dream job? It’s a big NO to this. Reasons are as follows:

  • They are still offering you pieces of training in old technologies which are already replaced now by emerging and in-demand modern technologies.
  • Trainers don’t have the up to date skills that are needed for exact corporate culture.
  • Corporate Job is not on 1 technology or 1 subject but it is a mixture of multiple technologies with a bunch of other skills like team player skills, communication skills, writing skills, soft skills, and much more.
  • They still follow the same college culture wherein you will go to a classroom and learn the concepts rather than the actual implementation of your technical skills for executing functional requirements.
  • Very rare institutes have corporate relations; usually, companies avoid hiring from such places.
  • Curriculum and training methodologies are the same as those used in the early 21st century.
  • There are many more. If I start writing them all, both of us will lose time.

The reality is the success rate of this option is pretty low. I can say out of every 100 students only 10 to 15 will get a start to their career.

Let’s understand what exactly you lose by going for this option.

  •  The average cost of a software testing course in which most of the students opt for thinking that they are not good with programming will cost you an average fee of 50000. (disclaimer, I am not considering those places which are not even institutes but they offer these courses for 25k -30k, the reason is simple placement is not even 2% for them.)You will lose out on a hefty amount for your parents.
  • Living cost in all these cities is a minimum of 5k to 10k and for doing any course it takes you around an average of 6 months from going to a place and finding the right institute. You can calculate the amount yourself.
  • The most important 6 crucial months of your life will remove the tag of a fresher after 6 more months and again your juniors will join you in never-ending skill.
  • There is no cost to the mental enigma of your friend’s family and relatives which you have to deal with once you are done with your degree.

Conclusion: This is the worst approach to move ahead in your career considering difficult times now and ahead.

Next option

Now let’s move onto the next option wherein you can go for higher studies, Maybe MBA or MTECH or MS, There is nothing wrong with this option but if this is your choice because you did not get a job post your engineering then there is a serious problem folk, Let’s see how

  • Since this is your plan B which came because you did not get a job after your graduation, I must tell you, the highest package and also average package of IIT Bombay for graduates is far more than the master graduates. What I am trying to say is the same problem might occur after 2 years and maybe it will result in more debts and frustration if it happens at that time.
  • It’s better to go for higher education from top-notch institutes like IIM and IIT which are more fruitful for your career and Job aspects. All these institutes’ fee costs are too high.
  • Doing MTECH or MS or MBA from a normal college will surely make you stand in the same condition which you are currently in.

Conclusion: Going for further studies is always a good option but if it is planned during your graduation and not because of not getting a placement. However, we always recommend going for these after at least a couple of years of corporate experience.

Govt. Job Preparation

Ok, so we are in India’s favourite space now. So we were talking about Job issues in earlier options wherein we were talking about merely 15 lac students competing for around 2 lac. So let me clear with an example that when we talk about govt. jobs these days. For a Grade C position average enrolments are 5 to 7 million I.e. 50 lac to 70 lac, imagine the competition here and this goes on.

I am not asking you to fear competition. When there is a will there is a way but again the point here is when I wanted to go for a govt. I must have prepared for the same job for the last 4 years itself and not looking for corporate Job options.

Not getting a corporate job after all efforts and then since you are no more a fresher and than going for govt. the job option might get you in serious trouble. This is an endless process that needs serious hard work and patience.

Conclusion: You should go for this but the same thing has to be planned very early in your career. The competition here is not only engineering students but all kinds of degrees out there in the market. Also, it is not a plan B thing, if one has to go for this then it has to be plan A and the rest others Plan B.

Best of the lot, some online courses, are so cheap and are offering certificates from top institutes like IIM and IIT and corporations like IBM and Microsoft

 Nowadays if you go on youtube, Facebook or Instagram after searching for a Job or any courses on google, you will see a plethora of advertisements for online courses. Everybody is talking about the hottest skills, the highest packages, and plenty of in-demand technologies but what about if you pursue that course and your placement. No one talks about it and no one will.

The problem with these courses is that these are meant for professionals, So let’s take an example if I am already doing the job and have 2-3 years of experience and now I want to upskill myself, this will be good for me but not for someone who is a fresher and want to gain knowledge from scratch and more importantly the key for fresher here is no upskilling but to have the required skills and start a job.

Conclusion: You should right now focus on your goal which is to get a good job and then attain the required skill set for the same.

 You might think that these were the options and I have criticised them all but that’s not the truth, I have only tried to tell you some facts about the current scenario. So now you will say what is the solution, everybody is there to raise concerns on the existing situation but no one is ready to give the solution. So let’s discuss what can be the probable solution, but before that let me tell you a story. Most of you might relate to it.

The story is about two engineers, me and my friend. Both I and him have many similarities, few one’s to describe like, both of us had short attendance throughout 4 years of engineering, both have not written a Hello world program till date in life, we were too far from SQL, Somehow we managed to pass our engineering in 4 years.

After engineering, we both went to Pune to find our dream jobs, but none of us knew what was supposed to be done, so we did what was going on and followed the same culture. It started in July 2012, we opted for the above-mentioned Option 1 and went on with it, other students from our college choose different options mentioned above. The result was as expected we did the courses but we were not good at programming and the things which we did in our course at college and because of restricted opportunities after a point both of us were unemployed for the next 9 months.

Then came the time when we used to do only one thing i.e. studies. We became champions with aptitude and reasoning and we had good communication skills so after that we somehow managed to get into top companies (different) by clearing the written test and our communication skills and confidence. But the problem didn’t end here. Now we were afraid of how we will do the programming, How we will write the Java code and all that.

When we started working things were so smooth that we didn’t even feel for a day how we would learn and do that and do this. The reason being we were not sitting in a classroom and trying to cram or learn things. We were implementing the concepts in a real-time environment for real-time problems. It was the easiest process after that. Today he is in Germany and leading a team of Java professionals and I retired after becoming a Data Scientist.


 The reason behind telling this story is that the solution is stated in it. You have to start working on the concepts and start implementing them rather than keep learning in the classroom. It’s done folk, you are doing the same thing for maybe the last 16 to 18 years, it’s time to start execution and do the learning while implementing concepts. Learning and having the required skills is important, everybody talks about the same but what about the result I,e JOB, Why nobody talks about the result.

We at Simplifying Skills assure you that we focus on the result, our motto is to get you the best of the highest paying jobs and this will be made possible by learning and executing things at the same time. Visit for more info. My words to everyone, if my intake is 100 then the output is that all 100 students start working from the day they complete their implementation of projects.


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