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About Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program Simplifying skills Fellowship Program Fellowship Job Program

The Simplifying Skills Fellowship Program is an internship-oriented programme that promotes real- time and project-based learning. Students may address real-world problems instead of being constrained to books, blackboards, and PowerPoints thanks to hands- on training provided via travel, industry visits, course projects, and an emphasis on “learning by doing.” You will get the opportunity to visit prominent institutes, development centres, and corporations, as well as apply to a significant number of businesses. Our curriculum helps you to develop and apply new solutions to real- world challenges by bridging the gap between theory and practise.

Program Highlights

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project based internships

Simplifying Skills Fellowship program participants will be able to engage in project-based internships in Data Science, Full Stack Development, Business Analytics, and other in-demand technologies as part of the fellowship programme, and will afterwards be placed in top-tier organisations with an average package of 5.5 LPA.

Free Bees

Job Placements

4250 Students will get 100% Job Placement at an average of 5.5 LPA

self-growth hike salary from simplyfying skills

Project Based Internships

All the participants will get free internship of 40 Hours


All the participants will get free internship of 40 Hours


Frequently Asked Question

The Simplifying Skills Fellowship Program is an internship-oriented programme that promotes real timeandproject-basedlearning.Students may address real-world problems instead of being constrained to books, blackboards, and PowerPointsthankstohands ontrainingprovided via travel, industry visits, course projects, and an emphasis on “learning by doing.” You will get the opportunity to visit prominent institutes, development centres, and corporations, as well as apply to a significant number of businesses. Our curriculum helps you to develop and apply new solutionstoreal worldchallengesbybridgingthe gap between theory and practise.

  • BE/BTech
  • ME/MTech
  • BSc/MSc
  • BCom/MCom
  • Students will register for the Program and appear for the competetion
  • Results will be out and students will be aligned with the processes as per their rank
  • Top 40 will travel to US, next 4250 will get placements and rest will start internships
  • Certifications allotment, Job Offers and Recognitions
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Harvard University
  • MIT
  • US visit

Top 40 students will travel to USA for Astronauts certification program and Harvard & MIT workshops for 2 weeks

4250 Participants will get Job offers from top notch corporates

All the students will be given free internship and certifications for 40 Hours worth 50000 INR. Students can choose the program for internship and certification

  • Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Subject Knowledge

The exam will be in online mode. Written test will be followed by the interview with regards to students ranks

Compliance of mandatory Internships Policy by AICTE

Because of the current situation due to COVID-19, AICTE directs all its Approved Institutes to abide by all the social distancing guidelines and other measures promulgated by the Government of India and respective State Governments. Institutes should instruct their students, NOT to take up any Internships outside the organisations which involves travel, contact with outsiders, etc., However, ongoing internships, where companies are allowing students to work from home, shall continue. Internships help in creating conditions conducive to the quest for knowledge and its applicability in work. To positively engage students who are not able to get internships in the current situation of lockdown, all colleges/institutes should give challenging problems as internships to such students which can be worked upon by them from their respective homes. AICTE has prepared a model curriculum with the help of prominent academicians of the country so that the country may produce competent employable graduates as per the needs of the industries. The model curriculum includes the internship for students of six months duration at different stages of the programme.

Learning by doing

Simplifying Skills Fellowship Program curriculum is based on the framework of strategic competitiveness, which teaches the concepts of creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, leadership and incisive decision making. You will learn how to compete–and create transformative change–in your profession.

First Year Program

Soft Skills Training 

Soft Skills Training is being highly prioritised and recognized today by corporate institutes as being essential to relationships. Often we are asked the question, “What are soft skills?” Soft skills are personal characteristics that relate to a person’s capability to interact effectively with others. Simply put, it is all about empathy. Empathy is not restricted to work, but it is vital in all areas of life. Soft Skills Training combines a variety of interpersonal, communication & social skills that help people interact effectively with others. This would enable students to work well with other fellow mates to accomplish their goals.

How do Soft Skills help you?

Goal Setting

Setting your own goals with self-analysis and determination.

Team Management

Team leading and managing with the right perspective to reach organisational goals.

Motivational Skills

Determination and passion to accomplish collaborative activities.

Body Language

Body language skills play an integral role in business communication soft skill training.

Presentation Skills

Making and delivering presentations with confidence helps create the first impression.

Interview Skills

Training on interview skills keeps you confident and updated for all organisational processes.

Negotiation Skills

Planning, strategizing, and emotion control ability to persuade customers.

You’ll get to learn

  1. Interpersonal Communication
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Email and Virtual Communication
  4. Assertiveness
  5. Working in Teams
  6. Negotiation Skills
  7. Leadership Management
  8. Art of Effective Pitching
  9. Mock Interview Prep-up
  10. CV Writing
  11. Critical thinking
  12. Listening
  13. Adaptability
  14. Organisation
  15. Teamwork
  16. Punctuality

Communication Skills Training

Effective communication isn’t just about listening to others. It’s also about knowing when to be assertive and persuasive at opportune times. Simplifying Skills is the pioneer of education providing the best Communication Skills training as per the current industry requirement that enables candidates to land their dream jobs in companies worldwide.

Benefits of learning communication skills

You’ll get to learn

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Active Listening Skills
  3. Communicating Under Stress
  4. Storytelling
  5. Writing Engaging Content
  6. Articulation of Thought
  7. Writing Winning Proposals
  8. Listening Skills
  9. Reading Skills
  10. Speaking Skills
  11. Thinking Skills



Worried about your aptitude tests? Simplifying Skills Aptitude Training covers topics; number system, time & distance, averages and many more. During this aptitude training, you will work closely with experts to help you improve and find your areas of weakness.

You’ll get to learn

  1. Number Systems
  2. LCM & HCF Profit,
  3. Loss & Discount Percentages Speed,
  4. Time & Distance
  5. Time & Work
  6. Simple & Compound
  7. Interest Ratio & Proportion
  8. Averages
  9. Quadratic & Linear Equations
  10. Complex Numbers
  11. Logarithm
  12. Binomial Theorem
  13. Sequences & Series
  14. Surds & Indices
  15. Inequalities
  16. Probability,
  17. Permutation and Combination
  18. Set Theory
  19. Functions & Geometry
  20. Mixtures & Allegations
  21. Trigonometry Coordinate
  22. Geometry & Mensuration

Accelerate skills through learning Aptitude

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning is a topic that is mainly included as a part of the Quantitative Aptitude section of different aptitude tests which cover various topics; blood relations, number and letter series, bar graphs, line charts etc. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Training is designed with an effective-learning approach, if you are self-disciplined & motivated to learn, you will learn so many things in the smartest & fastest possible way with Simplifying Skills.

You’ll get to learn

  1. Caselets
  2. Bar Graphs
  3. Line Charts
  4. Column Graphs
  5. Venn Diagrams
  6. Pie Chart
  7. Other Basic Reasoning Questions
  8. Calendars
  9. Number and Letter Series
  10. Clocks
  11. Venn Diagrams
  12. Cubes
  13. Seating Arrangement
  14. Binary Logic
  15. Logical Matching
  16. Logical Sequence
  17. Syllogism
  18. Logical Connectives
  19. Blood Relations

What will you learn in Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning?

Gain a more structured and hands-on understanding of Simplifying Skills Program.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning training assesses your ability to understand and comprehend written text. This is designed to measure your verbal comprehension, reasoning and logic, all through your understanding of language.

You’ll get to learn

  1. Vocabulary Based (Synonyms/ Antonyms)
  2. Fill in the blanks
  3. Sentence Correction
  4. Cloze Passage
  5. Jumbled Paragraph
  6. Meaning-Usage Match
  7. Analogies or Reverse
  8. Analogies
  9. Summary Questions
  10. Verbal Reasoning
  11. Facts-Inferences-Judgments
  12. Reading Comprehension

Measure your cognitive skills with Simplifying Skills

Second Year Program

Comprehensive curriculum covering topics; training in basic computers, cyber security, data science, computer languages etc. Learn from practising various problems and case studies. Second Year training comprises statistical and analytical functions to derive a meaningful extract from data using technologies like C, C ++, Python etc and display in a visual format using professional analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik View etc.

Get training in

  1. Basic Computers
  2. Introduction to Computer Fundamentals
  3. Internet
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Blockchain
  6. Basic Programming Introduction
  7. Data Science
  8. Linkedin
  9. Profile Management on Social Media
  10. C/C++/Python/etc
  11. Advanced Programming
  12. Languages of choices
  13. Branch Related Domain Knowledge
  14. Civil Branch Exposure
  15. Mechanical Branch Exposure
  16. Computer Science Branch Exposure
  17. Career Exposure Branch wise
  18. Functional Training and exposure to Finance
  19. Functional Training and exposure to Telecom
  20. Functional Training and exposure to Manufacturing
  21. Functional Training and exposure to Social Media
  22. Project Development Exposure
  23. Entrepreneurship Exposure
  24. How to start a startup
  25. Funding Concepts
  26. Exposure to Startup bubble

Third Year Program

Simplifying Skills provides various internship skills to provide hands-on experience to students before starting their careers. An internship helps in providing practical knowledge. Simplifying Skills provide internship courses in cyber security, machine design, cloud engineering, software engineering & development and many more through various interactive one-to-one live sessions, exams, project-based activities and much more to get trained for a job.

Internship in

Cyber Security Engineering

Machine Design Engineering

Data Science Engineering

IoT Engineering

Civil Engineering

Highway Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Construction Engineering

Software Engineering and Development

Electronics and Electrical engineering

How this Program will Make You Job-Ready?

We provide various Internship Training which will help you in getting a job. Our program of contains video-based lectures, and exams to practice.

To ensure a better understanding of concepts and you can evaluate your progress and get a comprehensive report analysis.

To ensure a better understanding of concepts and you can evaluate your progress and get a comprehensive report analysis.

To provide you with all the necessary skills, this course also contains various job interview skills which will help you refine your personality.

Final year

Campus Selection Process

One of the most important things for campus placements is confidence. Be confident in your abilities and all the preparation you have done. You are going to do well. Be positive and have a positive attitude throughout.

The procedure of Campus Placement

One of the best ways you can prepare for a campus placement is by knowing about the complete procedure. Feel more confident on the day of campus placement or recruitment interviews while you get trained with Simplifying Skills.

This is the first part of the procedure. You get to know all about the companies, their recruitment process and the salaries you can expect. After the presentations, students are allowed to ask questions to the representatives.

In this step, you will know about the qualifications and other important criteria companies have set for recruitment. Usually, companies interview only those candidates that belong to a certain stream of education and will choose from among them. Make sure you know which companies are interested in your education.

Once you know the companies you are going to be applying for, you will have to attempt an aptitude test. The test may vary based on the positions you are applying for, but there are a few tests specific to education streams.

A few times, this round is not conducted, but many companies use this for filtering candidates. A group of students is created that is moderated by a judge. A common topic is given for the group to discuss. Once the discussions begin, students are judged on their knowledge, their communication skills, their confidence, their leadership skills, and their listening and retaining capabilities.

This is an interview that will check your technical knowledge that will be related to your profession. This round is mostly conducted in a one-on-one setting, but if there are many students and interviews are short on time, they may conduct interviews as a group.

This is the final part of the procedure – a formal interview. In this round, you are judged for your confidence and abilities. If you have done internships, or have worked on real industry projects, it will help you do well during this interview. In this interview, you will most likely know if you have been selected.

If you have cleared the formal interview, you will get an offer letter and a post-placement discussion. You will be given guidelines and be told about the joining procedure.

Why enroll with us?

Differentiate yourself from others with Simplifying Skills

Simplifying Skills keeps a strong focus on job-relevant skills thereby helping in placements is our key belief. We have an extensive industry network to help students. Students get continuous guidance from our experienced faculty on job applications, interview preparation, conducting mock interviews and referring CVs to various companies as and when suitable.

I’m Interested in This Programme

Gain a more structured and hands-on understanding of Simplifying Skills courses.

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