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Global Engineering Innovators Challenge

Are you a forward-thinking engineering student ready to make a global impact? The Global Engineering Innovators Challenge is your passport to limitless possibilities.

In this prestigious competition, you have the chance to:

Building Bridges to Innovation

The Key Benefits of the Program

Building Bridges to Innovation

The Key Benefits of the Program

Rewards to Students and Institutes !

Top 40 innovative Minds participating in this competition travel to the USA for 2 weeks. During their travel, students will be visiting prestigious institutes like NASA, Harvard and MIT.

The students appearing for this competition will have an
opportunity to appear for Job interviews across the Globe. 100 % Job placement will be given to top 3500 innovators with the highest package of up to 15-25 lacs. All the other students will be eligible for placement in more than 500 companies associated with simplifying skills.

Skill Development is the most important need in today’s industrialization era. All the innovators participating in this program will get free training into the latest technologies as per their passion and company needs for 80 Hours. The training will be delivered in the field of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Automobile Designing, Highway Engineering and much more.

Qualified innovators will get opportunities for paid internships. The students will also get the internship certificates for the training hours spent in this program which they can redeem for points in their academic curriculum.

All the participating students will be recognised and provided with certificates on completion of the competition.

All the participating students will beTop 200 ideas will be selected and given an opportunity to present in front of the Jury during the competition. Top 10 startups will be given funding worth Rs 1 crore recognised and provided with certificates on completion of the competition.

Simplifying Skills will provide 35 companies to the institute eligible students for placement.

The participating institutes will get the recognition and an opportunity to present themselves at the global platform. Top institutes will get an opportunity to market themselves in front of more than 1 million students and thousands of industry leaders from across multiple domains.

All the institutes will by default become eligible for placement of students in all the Simplifying Skills partner companies. The students will also get opportunities to appear for interviews in Google, Meta, Amazon, Maruti, BMW, Samsung, DLF and many more. This will also help institutes in strengthening their partnership with more companies.

This program will also help institutes to improve their NAAC ratings by improving the placement and research activities among the students.

The top 20 institute representatives in this competition will get an opportunity to travel for the Faculty Development Programs to Finland or Dubai which will help them gain the experience of global learning and teaching paradigms and practices.

The students of participating institutes will get an opportunity to get training in the most latest and in demand technologies.

ou will be part of the Simplifying Skills Campus to Corporate connect program. The program cost is INR 128500 for Institutes which will be totally free of cost after your participation in the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s an international competition empowering engineering students and professionals to innovate, win a USA trip, secure job offers, access training, connect with experts, and more.

Engineering students and professionals worldwide from various disciplines are eligible.

Register on or scan the QR code on our website.

Yes, it’s ₹1990 for influencers and ₹5800 for other participants, plus GST.

Benefits include a USA trip, job placements, free training, paid internships, certifications, and startup funding.

You’ll receive 80 hours of training.

It involves registration, training, an online exam, placements, and the USA trip.

Benefits include skill development, global exposure, networking, career advancement, startup funding, learning, recognition, collaboration, industry insights, impactful solutions, personal fulfillment, and professional development.

The top 200 in the startup category present their ideas, and the top 10 receive funding.

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