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Most Important Interview Questions and answers in 2022

Important Interview Questions and answers

Interviews are the most important and final stage of getting any job. In the blog of Interview questions, you will know which are the most common questions asked in interviews.

Are you also looking for a good job, and are preparing for the interview for it? Or are you a student, who already wants to strengthen his personality a lot, and wants to become better at it?

Whether you are either of these two, today you have come to the right place, where we are going to know about some such questions related to Human Resources HR, which are usually asked by HR in interview or any viva. And You can find every question here with an answer, so that the preparation time can be saved.

Also, do not say that you This article will go a long way in helping you to clear your personality skills further and get your confidence back and prepare well for any job. At the same time, it will also help a lot of students who want to increase their knowledge in this field.

Tell me about yourself?

This is the most popular question asked in an interview, and it becomes the most difficult question for the candidates to answer. This question puts all the pressure on the candidate from the very beginning, so that the interviewer can test them well.

You must be careful enough to answer this question. Also, you should start the answer with an easy and confident tone and respond appropriately. And it should not look like your answer is scripted or made up.

Also, always remember, that you are not giving your interview to a robot, and therefore your expression, and your pronunciation of every word, should be clear, clear, and confident.

Also, to answer this question, you have to first understand the interests of the person taking your interviewer and then present your answer in front of them accordingly. And when answering it, you should always mention your most important achievements first. 

1 . “Good day/evening/morning,” sir/ma’am.

I want to start by saying thank you for providing me with this chance to introduce myself.

Amar Kumar is my name. Regarding my educational background, I graduated from P. G. College in Bengaluru in 2021 with an MBA in finance from ABC University. 2019 saw my graduation from NIT Jaipur. My education was done at G.I.C. Allahabad. In terms of my family, I come from a middle-class background. My mother is a stay-at-home mom, while my father is a businessman. Additionally, my sister is getting ready for the civil services exam. Along with being proficient in C, C++, and Java, I’m also quite interested in HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, and SQL

My confidence is my strength


2 . “Good morning/afternoon/evening” sir/mam, it’s my delight to introduce myself. I am Suman Singh. I belong to Delhi. I have accomplished my B.Tech in CSE from ABC University. While coming to my circle of relatives contributors, there are four contributors consisting of me. My father is a teacher, and my mom is likewise a teacher. My more youthful sister will appear for her tenth CBSE board examination this year. Now coming to me, I am a candy smart, confident, and hardworking person. I am a cool-hearted person, so I commonly see each issue with a nice facet and preserve myself continually smiling which makes me more potent even more. I can perform any challenge assigned to me without hesitation. My interests are dancing, cooking, Internet surfing, gambling Chess, and taking note of music. In my spare time, I want to examine the information on my telecoil smartphone and journey to lovely outskirt areas. 

3. It is my pleasure to introduce myself and “good morning/afternoon/evening” sir/ma’am. Sandhya Sharma is me. I’m from Lucknow. My B.Tech in CSE degree is from ABC University. I have five years of experience working for prestigious MNC companies. I oversaw the creation of a new web platform at my most recent employer, which won several awards. I can function in a hectic setting.

 I’m now seeking an opportunity to use my technical knowledge and imaginative problem-solving abilities at a cutting-edge software company like yours.


Why are you applying for this job?

Through this question the interviewer wants to know from you – Do you fully understand what is involved in this job?

How well can you meet the company’s requirements?

So before answering this question, take all your time and answer in such a way that the interviewer can be assured that you are the right contender for this job. Also, you can do your properties according to the points given above.

Possible Answer 1 :

I have applied for this job because this job is the best place for my skills and experience.

Plus this role is exactly the kind of role I’m currently trying to achieve, and I’m confident I’ll be able to make a big contribution to this company.

Ans. Sir, it is a great privilege to work in a reputed company like yours. And when I read about your requirement, I found that my skills match with theirs.

Also through this role, I can use my technical skills in a good way to contribute to the growth of this company.

Que .3 Would you like to work overtime or odd hours?

Try to give a genuine answer to this question. Also, never lie or compromise with anyone just to get a job. If you do not have any problem with this, then you can give your answer in the following way.

Ans. Sir, I do know that being asked to work for a long time in the company comes with a good reason, and so I am fine with that, and I wouldn’t have any problem with it if the need arises.

This extra effort of mine would mean that I am doing something for this company, and that is why I would be happy to do so.

Que .4 What is more important to you: money or work?

This is a complicated question. But for a good professional, work should always be more important than money.

Ans. “Money is always important, but work is most important to me.”

“I would say work is more important. Also if we work well and achieve the goals of the company, then surely we will get money too. And I believe that work should always come first.”

“Work is more important to me. Because if I am not satisfied with my job, then I will not be able to do the work for a long time just for the money. And if my work is done well by me, then naturally good money will also come.”

Que. What do you know about this company?

To answer this well, you should have complete knowledge about the company where you are going for the interview. Therefore, you should check the history, present structure, and working style of that organization in advance. You can visit the company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to gather information.

Ans. We all know that it is one of the fastest growing companies in India. The facilities provided to the employee here are also the best. People feel proud to be a part of your company, as the company provides full support to its employees on the professional front.

Also, the working environment in this company is very good. And today it has opened many branches all over the world. And that’s why I was looking for this type of company.

We all know that this company is the number 1 company in India in terms of growth. And I’m glad to see on your company’s website that your employees are talking about how great it is to work for your company.

Also nowadays, many people start hating the company where they work for some reason or the other. But it’s great to see that your employees take pride in talking about how much they love their company and jobs.

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Que. Why did you leave your last job?


You should be very careful while answering this question. Here you should avoid humiliating other companies or saying anything wrong about them. Note that you will never say directly about money. Instead, you can say that –

Ans. “Sir, this is a step forward in my career. I have learned a lot from my previous job, but now I am looking for new challenges to push my limits further, and acquire some new skills”.

Que. Why should we give you this job?

In response, you state your qualifications and highlight the points that make you unique from others.

I am a fresher, so I need a platform to utilize my skills and prove myself. And if I will be a part of your company, then I will put all my effort and strength into the upliftment of your company.

Because no one is born with experience, and if you hire me, I will gain professional experience through your company.”

At this time I am in the beginning stage so I need a platform where I can utilize my theoretical knowledge in the practical field. I am ensuring you that I will invest all my efforts in the good progress of this company.

As I am a fresher, I do not know anything about the work culture in this organization, and this will help me to adapt to the work culture of your company very easily.

Apart from this, people with experience can also take the help of the format given below.

Also being punctual and regular, I can complete the work assigned to me on time, and at the same time I will try my best to fulfill all the requirements given by the company on time.”

Que. How much salary are you expecting?

On this question, you should not directly tell any number to the interviewer, but instead, you should show your commitment to this job.

Ans. I am more interested in the role I will get in this job than the salary, and I sincerely hope that I will be paid a fair amount in this job based on my experience. As you also know that living here in Delhi is also quite expensive.

As I am a fresher, salary is not a big issue for me. My main priority is to learn and gain experience. As your company is one of the most reputed companies, I gladly accept the salary offered by you.

Sir, as of now, I haven’t thought much about it. I am more focused on learning the requirements for the position I applied for over here.

Que. How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

Ans. I would give myself a 7 out of 10 because I now always like to think that to put in more effort, we should leave the space we have to judge ourselves. And this idea will create interest in us to learn things. And Sir, thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

I may answer this question based on some criteria. As far as hard work is concerned, I would give myself number 8, because there should always be scope to enhance our skills so that our interest in learning things always arises.

When it comes to creativity, I would like to give myself the number 9. In the past, I have designed many banners and brochures, which were highly appreciated by customers.

If I were to talk about patience, I would give myself number 7, as I am an entry-level professional. And just like in personal life, more patience in professional life also requires more experience.

 Perhaps that is why senior management in most companies shows more patience than entry-level or middle level. So overall, I would number 7 myself on a scale of 1 to 10.

Que. What are your achievements in life?

Ans. You may also be asked this question in an interview, what are your biggest achievements? Or what are you most proud of? So on this question, you should only discuss the achievements related to your work. And at the same time, you should try to tell them about your recent achievements only.

“My biggest achievement so far in my career will probably be winning the Manager of the Year award last year.”


“My biggest achievement is overcoming my fear of failure. And it gives me a complete sense of living and gives me more confidence.” 

“I experienced my greatest achievement when I worked as a website manager for an entertainment company. My team was under pressure and the website was also struggling a lot at that time, and I was entrusted with the task of making a strategy to increase its traffic, which I completed well.

Que. What is your purpose in life? Your answer to this question should be realistic and practical.

Ans. “My short-term goal is to work in a reputed organization like yours, where I can enhance my technical skills and knowledge.

My long-term goal is to see this company at the top, where I can be one of the people responsible for it.”


“My goal is to be a successful person so that my family can be proud of me.”

Que. What are your strengths?


You should always remember that even if your strength is not related to any business, you should come up with a way to connect it with any business. Also, there you should tell your positive points related to this job.

Ans. My greatest strength is my ability to use my initiative to meet challenges. I am always active in what I do, and this keeps my mind stimulated and focused on that work.

My biggest strength is my confidence. Apart from this, I am hardworking and motivated with a positive attitude towards my career and my life. If I have a problem, I think it’s a good opportunity for me to express my potential.

My time management skills are very good, I am very organized and efficient, and at the same time, I am proud to be good at my work.

I have always understood the value of time, and I am always able to try something new. I also listen well to the advice of others.

My biggest strength is my ability to focus on my work. I don’t get distracted easily, and that means my performance is pretty good too.

Que. What are your weaknesses?


Ans. Every human being has some weaknesses, so while answering this question, do not spend so much time on it. This question is usually asked to know how honest you are with yourself. That’s why you tell one or two minor weaknesses in it and try to connect them with your work.

Also, here you should avoid saying “I work very hard”, as this has become a very common answer. Also, do not pretend that you do not have any weaknesses, and do not even try to avoid answering this question.


Here you can say, “I used to be very disorganized, always forgetting assignments and birthdays. But then I managed to work on a computerized system of to-do lists and reminders that help me remind myself of everything.”

“I am a simple person, and when someone asks me for help, I cannot refuse them, and this has at times delayed my work.”

Que. What are your hobbies?


It is completely up to you to answer this question, what do you like and what are your hobbies but always try to justify your answer. Like you can say it like this –

I like to dance, surf the internet, play chess, listen to music, watch news channels, etc. Also in my spare time, I love reading news on my phone and traveling to places near me.

Let’s say you are hired, how long can we expect you to work for us?

Ans. “I will do my best to grow your company, and as long as I have career growth, job satisfaction, respect, and a healthy working environment, I will never need to change my company.”


“I will continue to work with the company as long as my presence benefits the company and gives me ample opportunity to grow and develop professionally and financially.”


“Everyone looks for a bright future, healthy work environment, good pay, and job satisfaction, and I am pretty sure that your company gives such things to its personnel, so there is no need for me to change this company. “

Que. How can you become an asset to this company?

While answering this question, don’t just say that you are hardworking, dedicated, punctual, etc, as these are not any kind of assets but it is the responsibility that the management expects you to perform. Of course, these are positive words and mean a lot to you and the company. However, all these things only after gaining experience make you an asset to your company.

Ans. “For any organization, we must be sincere, dedicated, quick learners to the environment of the company and at the same time have a positive working attitude, and I possess all these qualities. Therefore, I will prove to be an asset to this company.”

OR  “As I am a fresher, I will be passionate about my work, and if given a chance I will also always be ready to expose myself in various fields of work in this sector, and will always be loyal to the company. I will be.”

I have earned many certificates and awards from my previous company. As an employee, I can handle pressure with ease and work with minimum supervision.”

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