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Provide equal opportunities for all learners to high-quality education and training is a long-term objective of the Simplifying Skills. Quality, efficiency, equality and internationalization are the core Keywords of Simplifying Skills. We believe in principles of lifelong learning and practical education. Education should be seen as a key to competitiveness and well-being of the society. By improving the nation's human capital, it is assisting India in becoming more globally competitive. Bridging the gap between Opportunities and Students is Simplifying Skills. We emphasise learning and growth that is goal-oriented. This involves students' development of all-around technological functional abilities as well as their access to promising career prospects.


We believe that education should be freely available for every citizen and hence we impart quality education in lowest possible cost. Our vision is to make the Indian educational system the greatest in the world. It should be outcome- and skill-focused rather than grade- and rank-focused. We want to simplify difficult concepts taught in our educational system for every young Indian student. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need to succeed in the twenty-first century.

How current education delivery can be improved?

Simplifying Skills has been working with students and businesses to support the new educational model that is more practical, real-world-oriented, and centred on developing students’ skills and abilities in all areas necessary for them to become future corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and other such roles. After five years of labour, we have developed a comprehensive programme.

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Chaitanya Thapa
Chaitanya Thapa
Great opportunity for people to get their dream job ,looks good when you hear something like that .
vinod rana
vinod rana
Great place to work here and grow your skills 😊😊
Manthan Arya
Manthan Arya
Great experience for students who are looking for great career and opportunities
Anjali Shilal
Anjali Shilal
It is a great opportunity to grab for every graduates. After my graduation I was very confused about my path of career and was helpless because I didn't score that well. But because one of my friend I got to know about #simplifyingskills and I'm really glad that I found them. They help me with my placement and not just placed me in a company they also work on my skills which gave me the confidence to stand out in a interview and crack it. Thank you simplifying skills for this great opportunity. I would suggest everyone to grab the good opportunity before it's late.
Sanjay shilal
Sanjay shilal
Good and very reasonable platform to acquire corporate skills in your own pace.
deepali arora
deepali arora
Good environment with beautiful ambience. Staff is so supportive and helpful.

Meet our Founder

Our Founder Ram Sharma has  10 plus years of experience with expertise in Business analytics/Intelligence, statistical modelling, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are changing the world today. My efforts are to contribute as much as I can to the current change which is going in the big world connected via dots called Data!!! I have 10 plus years of experience with expertise in Business analytics/Intelligence, statistical modelling, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. with IT giants like IBM, Tieto, Amdocs and PwC. Along with the interests and experience in evolving technologies and Data I have almost 15 Years of experience working meticulously with Training and Education Industry. With my considerable experience as an IT professional, Trainer and Motivator,I can guide them in the correct direction to have a fruitful career and leap from the start of their career. Also bridge the gap between their dreams and reality by investing their efforts in the right direction. I am also well-versed in training procedures, learning methods and educational theory. I enjoy putting this knowledge into practice and witness the growth of the participant from the beginning till the end of the program.

what is required today to succeed?


since theworld is always changing and living in the present digital era, students should be very well versed in both life skills and solid understanding of techno-functional abilities.
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We all aspire to achieve success like Elon Musk, Virat Kohli, Amitabh Bachchan, and many others in a variety of disciplines, but we must recognise that there is one thing that unites all great people in today's world: they all have coaches, mentors, and gurus.


Having a strong network is essential in today's contemporary world since it makes it very simple for us to obtain a job or any of our work done if any of our friends or someone, we know has some communication. The fact that the majority of entrepreneurs come from IITs and IIMs helps you to grasp this.

Fellowship Program has it all, Simplifying Skills presents Simplifying Skills Fellowship Program for young Indian Students.

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meet the team

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Meet Ridhika Shilal, HR and relationship manager . 

She has relevant experience in Human resource Management and public relationship. She believe that the main thing in today’s world is to focus on skills rather than marks.
She strives to make a person flexible, reliable, confident, productive, and efficient in thier career journey with our program.

sandeep rathor , developer sandeep rathor , frontend developer sandeep rathor , seo expert sandeep

techical lead

Meet Sandeep Rathor, our Software Engineer

With relevant experience in Software Engineering. Utilizing his skills and expertise in the education industry by imparting valuable knowledge to budding students so that they genuinely master what they learn and enhance their career growth.

sukirti profile

digital marketer

Meet Sukirti Pathak, Our digital marketer .

She graduated from RGPV University in Bhopal. She feels that education is the only way for us to prosper in life and there are always new and fascinating things to learn. Putting knowledge to use in the education sector by providing guidance and useful information to students so they can fulfill their future career goals.


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